Wednesday, May 27, 2020

how to get school 12th student database

How to get School 10+2 student database and bulk sms with out faking

School Student 10+2 Leads are hot Selling Product in leads Sales market You will get the Leads From 10 ps to 1 Rs/leads its depends upon the availability of the product most of the leads sellers in the market are not selling the genuine leads and its mixed with previous year out dated leads will mixed with new leads for attract the buyers to there Business because buyers are looking for the quantity/number of leads what really happened behind is very simple customer need to spend more money for marketing for eg: if you are leading Study abroad client you need leads for the marketing your product like Degree, B tech and Plus two Students you are buying 10000 Rs for 1000 Rs you only spending 10 ps/leads but not realised that 1000 leads only in that excel its genuine leads of current year plus two or degree/btech Candidate you investing your effort and money for useless 9000 leads why you taking such head ache for buying useless fake leads ,Even in Bulk SMS also Same thing Happening Past 10 year Customer will get the sms from different companies in 1 Lakh sms for just 6000 Rs even for 2999 Rs also you will get Bulk SMS , But what really happend behind in this industry the seller can set Cutting option like 80 Percentage 50 Percentage like that Admin/Seller can set in your panel  for eg if you buy an sms just for 8000 Rs Actual Rate of the sms was 16 ps But Customer negotiated the amount to 8000 Rs seller cut 50 % of Delivery Rate from your panel you Pushing sms to 1 Lakh peoples sms will delivered only to 50000 People so you paid 16 ps indirectly for 50000 SMS, Please Check the image below .

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